Eurail Launches New Branding

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Eurail is ready for the next era of travel with updated branding and a new visual identity as well as a special 10 percent off sale.

The iconic train pass system allows rail travel throughout 33 European countries with a single ticket and has been giving users flexible, borderless train travel across Europe since 1959.

Travelers using the expansive network of train and ferry connections will see an updated brand and creative strategy that embodies the essence of the Eurail brand that showcases an effort to build visual recognition alongside product recognition.

New Eurail branding
New Eurail branding (photo courtesy Eurail)

Eurail believes this updated identity will meet the demands of marketing in a digital-first age and allow the brand to remain top of mind and relevant in the competitive European travel market.

Eurail has made the transition to the digital era through its Mobile Pass, launched in 2020 and available alongside the traditional paper pass. Digital passes have soared in popularity since their launch. More than 92 percent of pass sales through and are for the mobile version of the pass.

Mobile pass users can activate their passes and change their travel plans at any moment within 11 months after buying their passes. For a small fee, travelers can select Plus which guarantees a 100 percent refund and exchange possibility.

Eurail is kicking off the launch of the new pass with a special offer. Through April 10, 2022, travelers can save 10 percent off the Global Pass.

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