France, Germany To Give Out Free Train Tickets to Young Travelers

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If you thought about taking a trip overseas, Europe is making it very difficult for you to not come.

Especially this summer.


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And especially if you’re a younger traveler.

France and Germany will be making 60,000 train tickets free between the two countries available at the warmest time of the year, according to Euronews.

The catch? You have to be under 27 years old.

The promotion is designed to get younger travelers visiting both countries. 30,000 of the tickets will be available in France and the other 30,000 available in Germany.

It’s not that the train tickets are that expensive anyway in Europe, but the connection between France and Germany makes it easier to traverse Europe. The new train line is meant to encourage more travel between France and Germany but this is a happy byproduct of the joint decision between the two European nations.

Tickets are expected to be on sale for the general public, including tourists, shortly.

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