Handy Travel Guide to Auckland

If you’re visiting New Zealand, you’re probably going to end up in Auckland, either on purpose or by chance. This city is very much worth exploring since it’s full of activities, opportunities and fun things to do and see. However, in order to have a fulfilling stay, you will need to time your trip well. Here’s a little guide to this metropolitan city you will certainly find handy.

When to visit


Here’s the thing about New Zealand: whenever you choose to visit, you can have wonderful travel experience. However, probably the best time to hit Auckland is the so-called shoulder season from March to May and September to November. During that time, temperatures are perfect for exploration and adventure, days are sunny and the crowds are thin. Expect to come across heavy crowds and hefty accommodation rates during the peak season (December-February). Before you book your stay, keep in mind that seasons in New Zealand are reversed, so winter in the U.S. and Europe coincides with summer in NZ.

Where to stay


Auckland has accommodation fit for every wallet and every type of traveler. If you prefer lux vacations and elegant rooms, you might want to book a stay at M Social Auckland. This hotel has rooms with a view of the sea and is within walkable distance from all major shopping destinations. Those staying in New Zealand on a budget might want to check out Celestion Waldorf Apartment Hotel, where for around 100$ a night, you can find yourself in a comfortable room near various cultural highlights and events. Those just looking for a safe and clean place to stay can book a room in places like Jucy Snooze dorm.

How to get around

Getting around Auckland and New Zealand, in general, is very easy and pleasant. You will have a few different choices of transportation from the airport to the city since Auckland has a well-developed public transport network with trains, ferries and buses. Of course, you can also rely on car hire at Auckland airportand get a personal vehicle to get around with. Having a car will offer great freedom since you can tailor your trip to your needs and travel wherever you want, even outside the city. If you’re a green traveler, it’s good to know that Auckland has a developed cycle path system as well, so combined with walking paths, you can explore the city using your own body.

Must-try things in Auckland

The Sky Tower is the city’s most recognizable landmark. This structure is placed in the center of the city and it offers amazing views of the area from its observation deck. For a small price, you can hit the viewing platforms, enjoy the fresh air and a few drinks and even take a dive from the top of the tower if you’re brave enough! If you prefer to stay on the ground, you can take the Coast to Coast walking route (16 kilometers) and explore heritage sites, woodland areas, parks and geological interest points. This walk will show you everything concerning the rich history and natural beauty of Auckland. If you’re up for a nice little drive, you can also visit world-famous Hobbiton—it’s a must for all Lord of the Rings fans.

Where to eat


Since Auckland is the biggest city in the country, it’s only natural for it to be filled with various people of different ethnicities, races, religions and habits. This melting pot of people resulted in a pretty interesting food offer, so if you’re a foodie, expect to be more than satisfied. You can find virtually everything you might want, from street fast food to fine dining. If you need some recommendations that will get you full on a budget, you can get cheap food at Better Burger, Satya South Indian or New Flavour. Those who love fine dining simply must check out the menu at The Grove or Trocadero. The Grove focuses on modern NZ cuisine and elegant atmosphere, while Trocadero puts the emphasis on local and fresh produce combined in interesting ways.

What to bring

Now that you have a pretty solid plan of what to do, see and eat at Auckland, it’s time to start packing. Your suitcase’s content will greatly depend on the weather forecast and the type of activities you want to do, but usually, jeans, a few tops and something rain-proof will come in handy. However, since Auckland is a fashionable city, you might even want to pack a nice evening outfit for your fancy dining outings. When it comes to other necessities, bring an umbrella, NZ power adapter, insect repellent against mosquitoes and sand-flies, and some good walking shoes for city exploration and nature hikes.

Expect to fall in love with Auckland’s laidback attitude, gorgeous weather and a lively vibe. If you choose to visit again, and you probably will, just know that there are so many more things you can do, see and try in this wonderful city. How To Plan the Perfect Caribbean Vacation In 5 Easy Steps

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