Holiday Destinations In Pune – Travel Guide

top 10 travel destinations in pune
number one, shaniwarvara. shaniwarvara once the seat of the peshwa governance in pune, is a 286 years old mansion, and is one of the finest examples of architecture in the city. it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in maharashtra. this grand mansion was built by peshwa bajirao one himself as the residents of the peshwas. although the vara currently covers an area of 625 acres, in its heyday it covered almost the entire area of the city itself. the place never fails to amaze the visitors with its various forts and fountains, and the majestic statue of bajirao one that greets the visitors at the entrance of the palace.
number two, agha khan palace. the mighty edifice of agha khan palace is situated in pune, and was built by sultan muhammad shah agha khan 3, in the year 1892. it is one of the most
important landmarks in indian history, and has been instrumental in many defining moments of india’s independence.
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