Rental Car Data Shows Tourism Returning to US Cities

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The city break is back. Travelers are returning to once-bustling metropolises.

New research released by Allianz Partners in its Top 10 Summer Rental Car Report showed that Americans are traveling to big cities again.


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Over the last two years, the open road and open spaces were preferred by renters but, as the landscape shifts once again, top metropolitan destinations are making a comeback.

“U.S. cities are on the road to recovery this summer as Americans revive the legendary road trip,” said Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners USA. “With gas prices kicking into overdrive, purchasing Allianz’s Rental Car Damage Protector allows travelers to save money at the rental car counter while getting the coverage, benefits and service needed for a smooth summer joyride.”

This year’s list includes Orlando, Las Vegas and Denver in the top three, followed by Los Angeles, Portland, Honolulu, Boston, Seattle, Kahului, and San Diego.

In 2021, Anchorage, Alaska, was in the number five spot and is no longer on the list, and Kahului was in the number six spot, versus number nine this year. Phoenix also dropped off the list this year, while Boston and San Diego joined the list.

Those looking to protect their rental car investment can look to Allianz’s Rental Car Damage Protector available from travel providers. The protection provides more robust coverage than available from most rental car companies.

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