Uber Launches UberX Share, a New Shared Rides Offering

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Travelers, commuters and other Uber users can save some money by co-sharing their Uber rides with the launch of UberX Share, now launched across several large cities today, June 21.

Whether you’ll choose to save on carbon emissions or save up to twenty percent off their usual fares, UberX Share riders can be matched with a co-rider heading in the same direction they are.


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According to Uber, the new ride-sharing program makes sure riders don’t arrive late; on average, travelers using UberX Share arrive no more than eight minutes later than a traditional UberX ride.

UberX Share is now available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Portland, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, with more cities added throughout the summer.

“We’re excited to introduce a new shared rides offering to millions of people across the country. UberX Share reimagines the future of shared rides with greater efficiency and safety top of mind,” said Andrew Macdonald, SVP, Mobility and Business Operations.

“Riders will experience the features they’ve come to expect from UberX rides, along with an upfront discount and up to 20 percent off the total fare, if matched with a co-rider along the way…This new shared rides offering will provide a more affordable, efficient and sustainable experience for riders, drivers, the cities we serve, and for Uber.”

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